Joe’s Knows ! … No-One knows Barbies Better.

This is one for the hardcore Aussie BBQ fans. This is how we barbecue Down Under: by Joe from Joe’s BBQs, Silverwater Rd, Silverwater, Sydney.


We are going to use the superb Weber Ranch Charcoal BBQ. You can also use the 57cm Weber Kettle to the same effect. ( With a smaller cutt of meat though)


Firstly, the BBQ Set-up is most important. Place 40 x heat beads on either side of the BBQ. Joe has positioned a Heatbeads Chimney Quickstarter in the middle with 20 Heatbeads inside and 3 firelighters light underneath. Once the Heatbeads in the Chimney Quickstarter are well alight and glowing white, tip half the contents on the 2 piles of the non lit heat beads. Now expect to wait another 20 minutes for all the heat beads to be well alight and glowing white. A tip to remember: When lighting the BBQ, always leave the lid off, this assists with lighting the coals + Leave all air vent fully open. Once all the heat beads are well alight (completely ashed over) you then may place the lid on the BBQ.




Whilst the BBQ is getting started, Joe prepares the meat. This year we have a full cut of a small pork and medium lamb hindquarter. First thing we do is score up the pork and give it a good coating in sea salt, this assists with the crackling. Like with the pork, also score up the lamb and cover it with salt and pepper and then fill the score marks with rosemary & garlic. Now that the meat is prepared and the BBQ well lit, load the meat onto the BBQ.


First one I load up is the pork, as I am after a good crackling I going to leave it on the BBQ  for 45 minutes, and set the BBQ on high – to  do this  I close the lid & ensure the vent on top is fully open. This means maximum oxygen is getting in, and giving the heat beads a higher burn, thus a higher temperature. After the 45 minutes has passed I then load up the lamb. This time when I close the lid I close the vent on top to about half which means the meat is cooking at around 180 deg.


Have a Look at this !

Have a Look at this !


After a further 1 hour, which is enough time for the skins on both portions of meat to really crisp up, I then turn the BBQ down again. This time I closed the vent by 2/3rds bringing the temperature down to about 140deg and then leaving it for another 2 hours, and going on the above outcome, I believe I got it spot on.


Happy Barbequing,

Joe’s Barbeques – Sydney, Australia

Meat now Ready to go on the Fire
Meat now Ready to go on the Fire
Pork First, then place Lamb Hindquarter
Pork First, then place Lamb Hindquarter

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