Xmas Roast on the Charcoal Kettle

December 15th, 2010

Why not try an Xmas Roast whichever you prefer turkey, ham or chicken on the Kettle Style BBQs. You never forget the flavour. Roast on the charcoal kettle

Why not even try a Lamb Requarter or a marinated butterfly lamb shoulder.

Check Out our Facebook Page where you’ll find tips on getting the charcoal fire ideal, so you dont spoil that roast. Tips on how to position the top and bottom grills, quantity of fuel to use, estimated temperature you need to maintain, etc.

Merry Xmas,


Join the Q ?

November 5th, 2010

The Weber Q is the hottest BBQ this summer. Its popularity grows and grows.
This was sent in by one of our customers that recently had his daugter’s 6th b’day party. As you can see Paul cooked 36 long beef sausages at one time.


When Paul first bought his Weber Family Q  or Q300 from our Silverwater store back last June’09 for $799.00, he doubted whether the cooking area woudl be enough.

As Paul now says : ” You’re preaching to the converted ” It easily caters for both his family’s daily grilling needs and entertainment needs. Paul from Glenwood in Sydney’s Northwest, believes its made life so easy being easy to cook and easy to clean and has never let him down.

As we say to our customers:

- You can cook on the edges - there are no cold spots on the weber !

- It wont flare up uncontrollably like other bbqs - look at the plain beef sausages that Paul’s cooking.

- With Stainless Steel Burners and Enamel Coated Cast Iron grills - nothing will rust and you can clean it will a high pressure hose - the body and hood are cast-aluminium

-$799 - you can’t go wrong

Simple BBQ T-Bone with Herb Butter

September 20th, 2010
Charred T-Bone on BBQ Grill
Charred T-Bone on BBQ Grill

Ingredients Needed:

1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil

6 T-Bone Steaks with excess fat trimmed off

125 grams of butter

1/4 cup of fresh herbs of parsely, basil & thyme chopped finely

1. Herb Butter - To make the herb butter, place butter and all herbs into a bowl and mix together to combine. Place the mixed butter onto a piece of  cling wrap and refrigerate for about 1 hour or until firm.

2. Light Gas or Charcoal BBQ to a high heat. Place the black pepper and oil in a bowl and mix to combine. Brush the steaks lightly with this oil mixture. Now Place on BBQ Grill directly under heat. BBQ for 3-5 minuted each side without turning or until cooked to your preference.

3. Cut the butter into 2cm thick slices and place ontop of each steak with 1-2 slices per steak. Serve immediately with classic Potato Salad.

Nothing Heats like a Wood Fireplace

May 31st, 2010

Nothing will heat your home like a good wood fire heater. These new “LOPI” Range of Wood Heaters and Wood Fireplaces are the bees knees.

Already America’s favourite choice for over 30years, Lopi is known for their solid craftsmanship, reliable performance and unbeatable heating efficiency. Made in the USA in Washington.

Baby Light my Fire !
Baby Light my Fire !

Choose a wood heater or a wood insert to warm the coldest days, brighten the darkest nights and fill your home with a gentle warm heat that only a radiant wood fire can produce. Free yourself from Australia’s rising electricity costs.

These the enviroment than would normally be produced from the same wood if left to decay in the forest. And because Wood is a renewable source, These Lopi Wood Fireplaces are so efficient that they use substantially less wood than other wood heaters / stoves to get the very same heat output.

Made from Heavy guage steel construction, solid airtight doors and the commercial grade firebricks, make them built to last a lifetime.

You can even warm soup or fry bacon & eggs for breakfast.

Most Wood Stoves give off Radiant Heat that only warms objects within the room. Lopi’s Five Sided convection chamber systemcirculates air around the stove and then pushes the warm air through the room to other areas of your home.

Joe’s Knows ! … No-One knows Barbies Better.

March 3rd, 2010

This is one for the hardcore Aussie BBQ fans. This is how we barbecue Down Under: by Joe from Joe’s BBQs, Silverwater Rd, Silverwater, Sydney.


We are going to use the superb Weber Ranch Charcoal BBQ. You can also use the 57cm Weber Kettle to the same effect. ( With a smaller cutt of meat though)


Firstly, the BBQ Set-up is most important. Place 40 x heat beads on either side of the BBQ. Joe has positioned a Heatbeads Chimney Quickstarter in the middle with 20 Heatbeads inside and 3 firelighters light underneath. Once the Heatbeads in the Chimney Quickstarter are well alight and glowing white, tip half the contents on the 2 piles of the non lit heat beads. Now expect to wait another 20 minutes for all the heat beads to be well alight and glowing white. A tip to remember: When lighting the BBQ, always leave the lid off, this assists with lighting the coals + Leave all air vent fully open. Once all the heat beads are well alight (completely ashed over) you then may place the lid on the BBQ.




Whilst the BBQ is getting started, Joe prepares the meat. This year we have a full cut of a small pork and medium lamb hindquarter. First thing we do is score up the pork and give it a good coating in sea salt, this assists with the crackling. Like with the pork, also score up the lamb and cover it with salt and pepper and then fill the score marks with rosemary & garlic. Now that the meat is prepared and the BBQ well lit, load the meat onto the BBQ.


First one I load up is the pork, as I am after a good crackling I going to leave it on the BBQ  for 45 minutes, and set the BBQ on high – to  do this  I close the lid & ensure the vent on top is fully open. This means maximum oxygen is getting in, and giving the heat beads a higher burn, thus a higher temperature. After the 45 minutes has passed I then load up the lamb. This time when I close the lid I close the vent on top to about half which means the meat is cooking at around 180 deg.


Have a Look at this !

Have a Look at this !


After a further 1 hour, which is enough time for the skins on both portions of meat to really crisp up, I then turn the BBQ down again. This time I closed the vent by 2/3rds bringing the temperature down to about 140deg and then leaving it for another 2 hours, and going on the above outcome, I believe I got it spot on.


Happy Barbequing,

Joe’s Barbeques – Sydney, Australia

Meat now Ready to go on the Fire
Meat now Ready to go on the Fire
Pork First, then place Lamb Hindquarter
Pork First, then place Lamb Hindquarter

Summer is in - Break out the Barbeque ! Gas or Charcoal BBQ ?

December 4th, 2009


We get asked this question regularly … ” Which BBQ is better ? Gas or Charcoal ? “

To best answer this question, you need to consider your Lifestyle and Entertaining wants and needs and the particular ocassion that you need to relate to ? Eg. having a Large Gathering of 20 people ? or An intimate Dinner Party for 8 ? ,   Weekday or Saturday Afternoon BBQ for the Family ?

Gas is by far the most popular BBQs sold now - Most people in today’s busy world want to start cooking with a minium of prep time. Gas bbqs allow you to preheat within a few minutes and you are ready to go.

However, Charcoal - solid fuel bbqs - using either charcoal briquettes or wood lump charcoal offers the better unique,  delicious  flavour & aroma  BUT prep time will by on the short side of a hour. You will need to prep the bbq and allow the charcoals time to heat up sufficiently to be ready to grill or roast. This time will take 40mins to 1 hour.

The Flavour that you obtain from Charcoal fire is undeniably the BEST ! Gas cannot replicate this flavour. Some of the latest Gas BBQs do attempt to come close though. Also Gas removes a few of the variables in maintaing the heat - So one could say that you could get a more predicable outcome with more consistency from a Gas BBQ either LPG ( Bottled Gas ) or Natural Gas ( Town Gas from a home bayonett fitting in the backyard)

I personally have both barbecues - a Gas unit for entertaining ( Must say - I cant live without my Gas barbie ) that we use almost daily.

A Charcoal Kettle for the moments when I want to savour the taste, smell, touch. Also great for entertaing those special friends or family or for long lazy lunches in the backard.  What could be more fun and what can bring my family together like this ?  It also brings out the primitive instincts in me. Remember our ancestors were cooking over open fires  thousands of years ago.

Tell us what you think, What works for you ? or What recipes or Special tips or hints that we can share ! Also we would love to know your BBQ Recipes that we can pass around.

PS. Anyone aware of any hints for BBQ Beef ( Dinosaur ) Ribs ?



Outdoor Furniture

October 29th, 2009

With Summer in full swing now, we thought it appropriate to bring up the subject of Casual Outdoor Furniture. As we spend more time enjoying the outside, what better place to invest than our backyards.


Casual Outdoor Furniture
Casual Outdoor Furniture

Besides becoming quite Stylish, Casual Outdoor Settings have evolved to be very hardy and weather the external conditions extremely well. Most Quality manufacturers of Casual Outdoor Furniture now have Casual Outdoor Furniture to match with their Outdoor Dining Furniture offerings.

BBQ Cooking Demos Now On

October 9th, 2009

Joe’s now have Weber BBQ Cooking Demos now on at both our Stores of Silverwater and Narrabeen every weekend.

We will also have a Weber Specialist BBQ Cooking Expert on hand. Don’t miss out. Your time will be well spent. Starting this weekend till after Xmas ‘09

Want to Cook that Perfect Steak ?
Want to Cook that Perfect Steak ?


Want to know which BBQ best suits your needs and wants ? Tied of that old lemon ? Want to invest in something worthwhile that the entire family will enjoy spending fun time together ? Why not TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ?

Visit us at either Silverwater or Narrabeen - every weekend from 10am to 4pm when we will hold cooking demos. We will demo on the Weber Q300 + Weber Genesis E310.

At both our Stores, we are Weber Specialist Dealers where you’ll find the entire Weber Gas & Charcoal BBQ Range on display, as well as specialist Weber Product with special value added features and benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Our friendly staff are ever willing to help without pressure.

Did you know ?  Joe’s Silverwater has over 120 BBQs on display, making us Australia’s Largest Display of BBQS.

Outdoor Furniture - Outdoor Dining Luxury

October 8th, 2009

Australia’s Best Boutique Manufacturer of Outdoor Furniture - Classique brings this great Wicker Setting to the Market. Available with matching Outdoor Sunlounges, Outdoor Bar Setting, Outdoor Casual Lounge Settings, making this the ultimate in Outdoor Living.

Outdoor Dining Setting

Outdoor Dining Setting

This Setting Pictured is a combination that is made up of  2 x Tables :  1 x 8 Seater Rectangle Plus 1 x 4 Seater Square butted up against each other to cater for those large entertaining days.
When not in use, both settings can be placed apart or even in separate Outdoor Living areas. This Lavandou Setting from Classique and is made from Synthetic Wicker.
I thought that we may cover this subject in our blog , as Wicker Settings are becoming ever popular.  Customers often have many questions about the origin, companies involved, How will it last, etc.  Wicker was  introduced to the Market a few years ago. Made to resemble the traditional ‘Old Popular Favourite’ ie.  Cane Outdoor Furniture that many grew up with, wicker is a Modern Plastic version.
Wicker is hand-woven like the old cane furniture but woven on aluminium frames that have been powder coated. As there are many wickers on the market, it is important to distinguish the differences. Generics that can be found at Mass Merchant Stores have become quite cheap compared to Boutique Wicker from Quality Manufacturers like CLASSIQUE and SHELTA. Mass merchants import mass volumes that are made cutting quite many corners.
This is the difference bewtween Quality Branded Wicker like Classique :  
Some Wickers are made without Durability testing  and can unweave itself from the chair at first secured points or come apart. The Wicker from Classique is the Finest Wicker in the country and is found is many of Austalia’s Top Resorts. They have proven Durability and Reliability and wont change colour. Classique own their Wicker Factory and have stringent controls over the quality of Wicker being made. The chairs and tables contain 40% more wicker strands than generics. Have a look under the chair or check out the chairs backrest.  The process of Hand Weaving onto Aluminium Re-Inforced Chairs are also Strictly controlled by Classique. You will find the chairs are heavier and offer more support and structure as well.
The CLASSIQUE Product is called ” Durawick Synthetic Wicker” and is independantly tested by the Australian Wool Testing Authority ( AWA) to verify its durability under the harsh weathering conditions and high UV Radiation experienced in the Australian & Middle East climates.
Results from AWA scored the Classique Durawick as a 5 out of 5 for each colour. It is covered by a 3 Year ( Residential Warranty ) and 2 Year Commercial Warranty. The Warranty coves the Durawick strands against Splitting, Cracking, Staining or Unravelling under normal conditions. The UV Stabilizer is created from a Swiss company which mixes “Chemissorb” and
“Tinuvin” stabilizers into every production run of the Durawick weave. The Hence the wicker will not change colour.
TIP:  There are also have many thoughtfully designed Wicker Casual Lounge Settings to match Outdoor Dining Settings.  
All this means you get a fine product, backed better than most - You win.  We think Wicker ;   Correction - (Good Quality  Wicker) Is a great product, Is quite Stylish and Elegant for the Backyard,  and Will be easy to maintain. Should give you many years of service.
For a great Range of Outdoor Furniture browse  including many wicker options our entire selection.

Weber BBQ - The latest BBQ like no other

October 8th, 2009

As we all know, the Weber Kettle is an Australian BBQ Icon. Acknowledged as Australia’s Roasting Wonder, the Flavour is undeniable the best. Weber believe that their Qs will prove to be Australia’s wonder … best steak cookers ever !

An Aussie smag is just a snag, right ? And an Aussie steak, well it’s great, but still just a steak ? Wrong.

Cooking on the Weber Q will transform either of these simple favourites into a mouth-watering masterpiece. You will be hard pressed to find a more juicy flavoursome steak as those produced on a Weber Q. Even First Time users will be amazed how you too can get that perfect outcome every time. No hit and miss approach any more.  They’ve been on the Aussie market now for about 3 years and Customers are raving about their quality, practicality and easy of use. They’re also better backed than any other competitor in the market and long outlast their 5 Year Weber Warranty.


Weber BBQ with Style and Quality

Weber BBQ with Style and Quality

Bigger is not necesarily better. Just ask thousands of Weber Q customers. The Weber Q Range is very affordable, Easy to Use and Easy to Clean and Maintain.

This Range of Weber BBQs are still made in the USA from the finest materials and have the legendard Weber workmanship. They all carry Weber’s 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Theres is also a great range of accessories to cater for the Q cleaning or camping or just being used in the backyard. Demand for this new Q range was so high that Weber introduced the permanent Weber Family Q that will cater for up to 16 people.

The Small Weber Baby Q or Q100 is the best Portable Q that campers love. There is also the Specialist Version Q120 that side fold in Side Tables.

The Middle Sized Weber Q200 is great for Backyards but still can be taken away on Picnics or Camping. Fits the Collapsable Rolling Cart - Both will fit even in smaller Vehicles’  boot spaces. The Q220 Specialist Model has a Hood that is Larger domed by 5cm and has a temperature gauge in the hood. These Q200 or Q220 bbqs will fit either the Stationary Cart (Fixed) or the Rolling Cart ( Collapsable).

Lastly  - The Big Weber Family Q ( Q300) caters for Families that love the way the Q cooks but want it permanent in the backyard. It includes the fixed cart & will cater for a party or handle the classic entertainer. It will challenge many 4 x Burner BBQs. The Weber Q300 Plus or Weber Q300P has a Full Size half plate that is excellent for breakfasts or prawns or those tasty bits that will fall throught the grills. You still get 2 x grills + 1 x plate for an xtra $40.  Both this Weber BBQ and the Q200 Range is available in Natural Gas for an xtra $30

 For the entire Range of Weber BBQs browse our selection.


Let us know your thoughts.